Le crowdfunding, une source de financement à exploiter pour le secteur culturel

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Monday, 13 July, 2015 - 17:55

Crowdfunding, a source of funding to exploit the cultural sector

Kamacuka project wants to highlight economical opportunities for the development of the cultural sector in Caribbean area. That’s why a professional meeting took place in October 2014, on this topic: « financing cultural activities in the world of new information and communication technologies ».



During this meeting, Ms Mikaella Rojas Fanon, CEO, who is also a financial consultant for small and mid-market businesses in the French Caribbean, made an interesting  presentation about her crowdfunding research since 2012 (1). Indeed, she is interested about disruptive innovation, financing development, entrepreneurship and cultural industry. She also has a multicultural blog in five languages about crowdfunding. 

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